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Singapore’s Ultimate Luxury

Being Indonesian, most of the people I know talked about Singapore as a luxurious weekend getaway of shopping spree, and as a Jakartan, I thought I’ve had enough of skyscrapers and malls. So I’ve never made it to Singapore, except for one time ten years ago to get to Johor Bahru for a debating competition, until last weekend when I came to watch the Sound of Music’s Broadway show. I arrived in the evening, and by 8am the next morning,  realized how much I have been missing out.

We started our first day in Singapore by visiting the Botanic Gardens and ended up spending the better part of our day there. It is precisely because I am Jakartan I could appreciate the lush greenery at the heart of the city, so well kept even without an entrance fee.  Smaller themed gardens are nestled throughout the stretch of the Botanic Gardens, with ample space for families to spend their Saturday on a picnic, for the elderly to practice Tai Chi, for couples and small decorating businesses to do photo shoots, and for Twosocks to sit alone by a stream watching the water trickle by.  I could easily see myself returning next time – armed with a picnic basket, a book, and a wide brimmed hat – for a lazy start to the morning, a long afternoon walk, and an evening of music under the stars. Right then, just like so many other Jakartans, I found Singapore to be incredibly luxurious.

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July 2014, Gypsytoes


  1. Singapore is more than just skyscrapers and shopping centers. Ada banyak objek menarik di Singapura: menyusuri Singapore River yg bersih dengan bangunan2 tua dan riverwalk-nya, taman-taman raksasa yang enak bgt buat ngelamun seharian, Henderson Waves yg artistik, atau menikmati ratusan bangunan2 vintage yg terawat dan penuh warna di Chinatown dan kawasan Arab Street. Kalau sempet, monggo baca ulasannya di blog saya. As a traveler, I always want to find something unique or unrevealed in new places 🙂

    • Benar banget, Mas, saya aja yang terlambat mengumpulkan niat mengunjungi Singapura. Terima kasih juga untuk teaser blog-nya, akan segera saya tengok. 🙂

  2. huhuhuu… can’t help but envy you guys.. I’m supposed to go to Sg too this month, and I’ve planned to explore the outdoor parks and forests as well, but..well, circumstances don’t allow me to. But I’m sure I’ll do it some other time 🙂
    Love the pictures!

    • Thanks, Vira, and sorry to hear you have to reschedule your visit. We also went to three independent bookshops – that’s the next story, actually :p – that I think you will love!

  3. It s been sometimes since our last trip to SG, dan postingan ini semakin bikin rindu, semoga mudik nanti dapat ticket yang transit di SG 🙂

  4. terakhir kali ke singapore, berencana ke sini setelah duduk santai ngebeer di holland village. Apa dikata sudah terlalu sore, rasanya kurang elok liat taman malam-malam. hahaha

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