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We Guest Blogged for Indohoy!

We are very excited that our article on alternative ways to experience big cities are featured in Indohoy this week!

Dusty for Indohoy

Twosocks and I have been following the travel blog for a while and really enjoy the lively, opinionated writings of the dynamic duo behind Indohoy, Vira and Mumun. If you want to read about off-beat destinations in Indonesia and how to get there, you really should check out their site. When they announced on Twitter that they are welcoming guest bloggers, I immediately got in touch with them to see whether we could contribute a post as an appreciation of the awesome blogging they have been doing over the past few years. Vira and Mumun correctly guessed that we like cities and suggested us to write some tips on how to enjoy big cities, so we both brainstormed and come up with our favorite three alternative places that you can find in any big city: universities, urban art space, and parks. You can read the full article, called Feeling the Pulse of Big Cities, in Indohoy.

Guest blogging has been a really fun experience. Readers of The Dusty Sneakers know that we usually share only snapshots of travel stories in our blog and shy away from sharing tips or how-tos, so it is exciting to try our hand in writing out of comfort zones. Vira and Mumun are also really fun to talk to and we really appreciate them taking the time to suggest blog ideas to us based on our characters – and we just found out that we are actually neighbours!

Just a month ago in Sekotong, Twosocks and I decided to write more and try to get to know more people who enjoy writing about travelling. 2013 is soon coming to a close, and we can gladly say that those are some of our best decisions this year. We get to know more people, have more creative energy, and are more excited about writing our travel stories than ever.

This weekend, Twosocks and I will be spending four days in an organic farm in Cicurug to inhale some fresh air and do more writing. We’ll return and say hello to you again next week!

Jakarta, December 2013


  1. Haha.. really?? you guys are actually neighbours? I guess it is a very cool neighborhood then. :p
    I love being a guest blogger as well. It needs a hard work to provide a good quality guest post, but it is always nice to get a new experience and share something.

    • Hi Firsta! I agree with you, it does take hard work to write a guest post, since you have to think about the blog’s character and what kind of unique contribution you can make. But the challenge is really a fun one
      And yes, we are neighbours with one of the Indohoy ladies. They told us that we actually live in an area where many bloggers dwell. 😀

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